Bear Blog Replacement Template


This is a demo of the Bear Blog Replacement Template. It's a Markdown blog in Next.js that allows you to write blog posts and create pages using the awesomeness that is Markdown.

This template comes most of the features that Bear Blog comes with as well as:

Remember, this is a template. It's your code, your words and your data. Period.

How to get started

  1. Clone this repository with:
git clone
  1. Write your blog posts in blog-posts and set-up your home page by editing the file. The available front matter options are title, publish_date, meta_description and meta_image.

  2. Optionally, you can create pages by adding Markdown files in pages-md. Be sure to update components/Navbar.js!

  3. Style your website with a classless CSS link in _document.js under rel="stylesheet". You can also change the code highlighting by going to _app.js and changing import "highlight.js/styles/monokai-sublime.css"; to whatever you like!

  4. Note that some components/pages are not linked to a Markdown file, these are the custom 404.js page, blog.js, _document.js, _app.js, [post].js, [page].js and components/Navbar.js. You'll have to change the code of these files if you want to customize them or add meta tags.

  5. Deploy your beautiful new website, perhaps with Vercel or Netlify.

Remember, if you're unhappy with anything, change the code!